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India is the largest country after China in population size. The large
numbers of diseases are prevalent in country ranging from infectious diseases to life-style disease. The health care industry in country is growing in double digit growth rate. So the every industrialist and business man is attracted by this growth. In this fast growing scenario, most requirements are the manpower. Skilled Medical manpower is the need of present era. In year 2000, there were around 150 medical colleges in India and today more than 300 medical colleges are in country.
It is really great achievement for nation. It is said that by 2015 India will supply 30% of medical manpower to world. Many students from outside country are coming to do graduation and post-graduation here. They are searching basic information for admission information.
The www.informationmbbs.in will provide all information at one platform.
Post graduation in medical field is also necessary now a day. There are many ways to get admission in post graduate in medical field – specialty and super specialty.The information about various entrance test, various categories of seats and means of admission in various post graduate courses will be provided up to date. We have General practicenor forum. In this forum we regularly post the recent topic discussion for general physician.
They can get raise issues and comments on this page. If any unusual case report that can be report here. We want to make it notification site to Government of India or state level. Medical tourism is the big way upcoming for country India. We have page for medical tourism and will provide information about various facilities in various cities. People can opt service pack from this page.Last but not least is the Recent Advances in Medical Science.
The page will provide latest technology in medical science like
innovation and appropriate technology.
So keep in touch and make this as home page.

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