Postgraduate admission in Medical Science in india

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Postgraduate admission in Medical Science

Like Under graduate India is also big production unit for specialized
doctors. Even though large production we are at short supply in medical
specialist. The government wants to increase seats for post graduation
in India . In Feb 2010, Government has taken decision to increase PG seats
in India , The Health Ministry official said they have recently amended
the PG regulations wherein the student teacher ratio has been revised
from 1:1 to 2:1 to enable medical colleges to increase seats in PG courses.
This will be applicable to Government medical college from 2010-11 and in
private colleges from 2011-12.

With this good news the students should start good preparation for PG
entrance. This PG corner will update about PG admission, entrance
preparation tips and various announcement on this page. Be in touch.

Tips for PG entrance preparation


The statistic says that percentage of students getting a seat in first
attempt is as low as 2% but student getting in second attempt is more
than 80% (excluding various quotas). This change in numbers are not due
to they read more and gain more knowledge but they learn various
techniques like “what to do, what not to do and how to attempt”

My first argument is that now majority of students want to do post
graduation and still they are struggling for competitive exams? Why?
I am not able to understand. My first point and request to my audience
that please don’t start your preparation in internship but start from
first year only, also request to parents that please guide your kids
on this line.

First student should decide that he/she is going to appear in
competitive exam after MBBS. This competitive exam may be of Indian or international. So during your study read standard books with practice
of multiple choice questions. Read and clear all basics fundamental
aspects of subject during respective years. You can request your teachers
to take MCQ test during your internal exams or even for university.
Many universities have now incorporated MCQ as part of final assessment.
This will help to start preparation from undergraduate studies only.
This part is for those who are in MBBS but what about those who cleared and visiting this page.

Those who have cleared UG studies and now reading this article – I know
majorities of you are in this category. Don’t worry. The students who are
in internship or after internship those should read this part.

Usually our students are starting preparation during internship only.
But few caution points you should keep in mind. The internship is the
time during which you need to develop some skills. During your four and
half year you are gathering knowledge and this one year is to learn
various skills of medical field. So don’t forget to develop basic
skills.Majority of students are not attending clinics and field during
internship and reading and attending PG class. My sincere request to
students please learn basic skill during your internship. Atlest some
4-6 hours spend in clinic and remaining time use for reading. Don’t
waste time for gossiping and on social network.

Now you first decide that do you like to do study in India or out side
India. This is first and most important step. As both has a different
type of exam pattern. Once you decide that you are going to study in
India, start action as early as possible.

Once you decide to study in India, do following three steps:

1. Set target
2. Reach it
3. Start action   

The first mile stone is “set target”. The meaning of target is

What exam do you want to give? State PG / All India / AIIMS / PGMIRC
/ JIPMER/ other. You know that “well begun is half done”. This answer
is very critical for your path and your preparation.

Collect all information about your decision like type of exam, negative
marking, seats in the particular institute, number of students appearing
for exam, number of questions from various subjects, rank in last exam etc.

On the basis of above information set your rank target so that you can
get your choice. You target must be firm. Once decided should not change,
like first you set target for MD Pediatrics in AIIMS, later any institute
in India and lastly you think even I will get Diploma pediatric I am happy.
If this is your mentality, I am sure you need many more attempt to clear
you any exam. (Please watch CD title “Secrete” to understand the important
of target)

Once you decided start action to reach it.

Usually all PG entrances are in month of January and February, so start
preparation according. Some subjects are prime and crucial for preparation
like Medicine, Surgery, Community Medicine (PSM), Biochemistry, Pharmacology
and Obst-Gynec. They are major and most questions are from this subjects.
Begin your preparation well in advance and start reading of above subject’s standard books.

Most important question about coaching class, what to do?

My point is that you should join coaching class as they are re-brushing
your knowledge in short time period. But it should be in small group not
more than 20 students. I have seen many coaching classes teaching more
than 150 students like lecture and three days continue for 9-10 hours.
This will not going to help you and you are wasting your time and money.
So ask your coaching people to arrange small gathering with short time,
it should not more than 6 hours in a day. Ask for maximum group discussion
and time spare for solving query.

Second important question about discussion- I am always in favour of
discussion. This is very good tool to remembering many basics. Find out
your group which whom you can freely discuss various subjects. It should
consist of three to four not more. More will make more gossip and less
productive work. Spare two hours maximum in a day for group discussion.

What to read?

As above you should read standard books for specific subject. Make your
time table to finish various subjects with timeline. Try to follow it.
And see that your group is also has same time table. If you attending
classes, make time table as they are going to teach subject.

MCQ books – Read or not to Read?

MCQ books are really helpful but don’t relay on the answer. Take the
MCQs from book and write answer in separate notebook and note time for
same also. At the end, you should correct answers from standard book.
Make note of wrong answers and find out why they wrong. Discuss in your
couching class and in your group.

This is some basic tips for your preparation. More in short time

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