News India: Epidemic situation analysis

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Epidemic situation analysis India in Gujarat, Gujarat has reported
cases of Chandipura Virus in last few weeks.    The first case was
reported in Kheda district on 15th July 2010 with death of one child.
Following this index case,  29 cases were reported in Kheda and
Vadodara district and 17 children expired with around 60% case
fatality rate. This is not the first time report of same epidemic.
It was first reported from Chandipura village,  Nagpur,  Maharashtra
and so called as Chandipura Virus.  Later it was reported as epidemic
in 2003 in Andhra Pardesh,  Gujarat 2004 and  Andhra Pardesh  2005.
The disease is caused by Bullet shape RNA virus.  It is transmitted
through biting of Sand Fly and following it causes encephalitis and
death.   The disease is more common in rural area and in lower
socio-economic condition and in children. The sand fly is the vector
for disease transmission.It is a small insect of dark brown color.
It is smaller than mosquito with 1.5 to 2.5 mm in length with their
body and wings densely clothed with hair.The disease has no specific
treatment or vaccine available, presently only available is the
symptomatic treatment.

The prevention of sand fly bite is the best choice.  The single application of
0.25 gm/m2 Lindane has found effective in control of sandfly. The sand fly
mainly lives in cracks and cervices in wall and floor. So filling of cracks
and cervices is the best method to control of fly.

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