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In last few years, the Indian Medical Education is talk of the world medical science fraternity. In last two decades the numbers of medical colleges are almost double in country. At present more than 450 recognized or permitted medical colleges in country. Thus approximately 50000 MBBS seats in countries. Every year more than 40000 medical doctors are getting degree in different universities of India. This number is highest in world.

The last sixteen years 2000 to 2016, has shown maximum growth in the medical seats. The medical seats are distributed in Government run medical college, Trust or No-profit making NGO run medical colleges or private medical colleges. In last decade the maximum numbers of medical colleges were started in private or NGO run medical institution. Still pure private or corporate sector has not entered in the medical education business. They will enter sooner or later. The corporate world already started nursing colleges, physiotherapy and pharmacy, so medical colleges will come near future.

All over world, India is the attractive and cheap destination for the medical graduation. Lots of Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and foreign students are coming to take degree. The reason is not just cost effective but to get admission in India one need to do 12+ in science or equivalent and completed 18 years. In western world to get admission in medical science one has to graduate first and than he/she eligible for admission. In India at 18 years admission, five and half years course, that means at 24th year person become doctor and can start practice. Second advantage is the course fees. The total course fees for MBBS in good private medical college for NRI or foreign student is 15000$ per year so total 75000$ means 50 to 75 million Indian rupee including living cost. So gradually India is getting important destination for medical education for world students.

One rough statistics for Indian medical colleges, each college exports atlest 5-10% students every year to USA,UK, Canada, Australia or any other country of world. This proportion is increasing over a period. Looking to this changing scenario, the world medical education faculties have started to come in India and helping the Indian medical education system. For example FAIMER (Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research), is started in India with aim to improve medical professional education in country. Lots of others are also coming to improve the education. Not only this, Medical Council of India (MCI) and GOvernment is also keen to improve medical education from knowledge to competency based medical education. Thus India is getting important destination for the medical education. But the side effect of this is also need to keep in mind that the less than 1% of MBBS degree holders are joining the Indian Government Health Services. Majority of MBBS degree holders are either prefer to do post graduation or leaving India & serve world developed countries. If we see the Government Health service data, in last five to ten year very few MBBS degree holders have joined service and those who have joined have left for post graduation or private practice. This is really red signal for Government Health Care.

Now since last one year, Govenment policy is clear on admission in medical colleges. NEET is the examination through the students will get admission. Except AIIMS and JIPMER like institute, all other medical colleges will able to give admission to only NEET qualified students. This is really good steps. This has eliminated all bad practices of private medical colleges.

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Apart from above details the thing which i would like to add is that standard of medical education in India is much better than other countries
MCI is also upgrading the medical education by 2015.
Evidence base teaching is implemented in Medical colleges which is the step ahead in Medical education.
SBKS medical college has organized International conference on this
Dr Dipak Patanvadia

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Nice and best information on this site. Thanks....


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Dear NRI students and parents, please remember our special note to all that All NRI has to appear NEET and get eligibility for admission on NRI seats.

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