Re-registration of doctors by MCI

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MCI wants the line listing of Doctor – source Times of India

Medical Council of India is confused with the total doctors available
in India. As per record of MCI, on April 2011, in India some 840,678
register medical practitioners. This is total registered doctors. In
India, MCI is registering once to each pass out doctors and there is
no re-registration or re-validation system. So there is not track
record of those doctors who died, left country or retired from
profession. In this scenario, it is very difficult to say actual
number of doctors in India.
To solve this issue, MCI has suggested re-registration system to
Ministry of Health. There are some states in country that has system
of re-registration like Maharastra, Kerala and Delhi. This is really
important move to know the status of doctor population in country. As
per record we go, the doctor population ration in India is 1 per 1700.
But we don’t know about the left country doctors, died doctors and
retired professionals. So it is really important move of MCI to get
track of each doctors. Union Ministry of Health should support this
important regulation without delay.

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