Management Quota and NRI quota admission in MBBS in India

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Management Quota and NRI quota admission in MBBS in India
In last ten years, Government of India has made major revolution in
medical education. The first step was to give permission to open
private medical colleges in India. Anybody can notice the impact of
this step, in last ten years almost double numbers of medical colleges
are started. In 2000, there were around 150 medical colleges in India.
Now in 2011, the figure reached to 315 and more and still large
numbers of colleges are going to start in near future. The new medical
colleges are started by NGO or Trust or privately owned medical
colleges. The government is also promoting private medical colleges in
country. To run medical college is really gigantic task. One can read
guideline of starting medical college and minimum staff pattern on MCI
Looking to the cast of investment and maintaince of medical college in
private, the government has intervene for regulating the cost of the
medical education. Each private medical college has three types of the
admission criteria one open merit seats with high capitation fees,
they are 75% of total seats; second type is NRI (Non-Resident Indian
origin) seats which include 15% of total seats and third category is
the management quota seats which include 10% of total seats.
The fee for the open merit seat is decided by the state admission
committee for all medical colleges of that particular state. It is
usually between 2 lack to 4 lack maximum per year. In this scenario,
the many private colleges are arguing that at this low fee they can
not survive for long term. So government and Court have suggested 25%
seats reserve for the special quota, where the fee can be different.
These quotas are known as NRI and Management quota. A 15% of seats
reserve for NRI quota admission and 10% in management quota. The
admission in these special quotas can be done by college or university
locally. The students need to just get qualify for admission as per
MCI admission guideline and get admission. Each college is advertizing
admission for management and NRI quota in national news paper and on
web. The student has to fill the form for respective interested
college in due timeline. The college will make merit and give
admission to the student.
Under these quotas, students can get admission at anytime even after
graduation or at any age. If you missed bus of dream of doctor, you
can still study MBBS under such college and reach to your dream.

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can you please provide me detail of any medical college where I can Get admission in this running session. please help me I wanna save my year.

Can you pls guide me about the admn into MBBS under NRI/management quota in Narayana medical college, Nellore. AP.

Thank you.

Ahamed MN.

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