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Common entrance - NEET for UG in Medical Science India by 2012- proposed
On 24th July the PTI sources said that the Medical students across the country will have to take a single entrance test for admission in postgraduate medical admission and super-speciality courses admission. As we know that the CBSE is in process of finalizing the conduction of proposed National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for undergraduates (NEET-UG) from 2012. The NEET-UG for admission to MBBS is scheduled to be held in month of May 2012 and the MCI has already formalized the common core syllabus for the same. Please read the syllabus on web side of MCI and see latest news scroll bar and click on ore Syllabus for NEET MBBS exam, The feedback may be forwarded to by 11.08.11 and download the document and read. Don’t forget to give your inputs on syllabus before 11th August. It is going to finalize.
This is the real major change coming in the medical education. Still many questions are unanswered like what will happen to Deemed university entrance test? Do the private university and colleges will follow the NEET-UG.
It need to wait and watch
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how many seats wiil be in NEET?

No argument is convincing to justify the postponement of NEET UG 2012. Different syllabus or option of writing only in English or Hindi these are the lame excuses. We have the example of common entrance test for IITs. No one is raising any question of vernacular of syllabus for this prestigious test. By not allowing a uniform entrance test for medical aspirants, those how are at helm of affairs wants to influence the outcome. No one can save India. It will remain corrupt and those who seek mental peace will get settled in some abroad. First reservation will lead to compromise the quality of stuff and then different states will churn out different quality of doctors from their cottage industries. Perhaps, we as Indian deserve to be ruled by corrupt politicians otherwise how an issue on which there is Supreme Court ruling may not be got materialized? Let’s see how the court reacts on this state of affairs.

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