AIIMS PG Entrance Exam 2012

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AIIMS PG Entrance Exam 2012

An Act of Parliament in 1956 established the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as an autonomous institution of national importance and defined its objectives and functions. By virtue of this Act, the Institute grants its own medical degrees and other academic distinctions. The degrees granted by the Institute under the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Act are recognized medical qualifications for the purpose of the Indian Medical Council Act and notwithstanding anything contained therein, are deemed to be included in the first schedule of that Act, entitling the holders to the same privileges as those attached to the equivalent awards from the recognized Universities of India.

Applications are invited in the prescribed form for All India Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE-2011) to be conducted by all India institute of medical sciences on 13-11-2011

Last date of online registration is 3-10-2011
first counseling  12-12-11

a) A candidate must possess MBBS degree for MD/MS and BDS degree for MDS courses of a University recognised by the Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India and must have completed the required period of 12 months compulsory rotating internship/Practical training on or before 30th January, 2012. The candidate who complete their internship after 30th January, 2012 are not eligible to take up this examination.
b) The candidate must have obtained a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate in all the MBBS/BDS professional examinations for other category including OBC category and 50% for candidate belonging to SCs/STs.
The Examination will be conducted at following cities listed below. Candidate should indicate his/her choice of centre in the application form. The centre of Examination once allotted will not be changed and any request for such a change will not be entertained. The candidate should indicate his/her choice of centre with utmost care. In case of any discrepancy in the exercise of choice of centre or non availability of centre in the city opted as 1st choice in the appropriate Column of application, the centre allotted by AIIMS (i.e. Delhi) will be considered as final.
Name of City/Centre

Remember important dates
Online registration of application on read carefully on :

Those applying online must submit counter foil of the
challan form meant for AIIMS in original along with downloaded
copy of registration slip failing which candidature for the
above entrance examination will not be considered and no
correspondence in this regard will be entertained

Medical PG Entrance Exam - NEET PG

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Few days back MCI has announced the NEET-PG (National Eligibility and Entrance Test for PG admission). but still picture is not clear. Today Oct month is already started and if any medical graduate wants to take admission in postgraduate courses, he/she knows the importance of these days. these are the days where he/she has to run here and there for APPLICATION FORMS. Once MCI ex-president Dr Ketan Desai said that for PG admission in India, there are 45 entrance tests are conducted and students maximum can attend 10-12 from Nov to Jan months.
here we could find 37 entrance and listed below.
This year we think that MCI will not able to manage NEET-PG, as CMC and AIIMS have announced their entrance exam dates, see below.
So ready for exams for this seasons.
Best Luck

In India all medical PG Entrance Examination list for 2012

1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam – AIIMS 2012


3. CMC Vellore Medical Entrance Exam 2012

4. All India Pre Medical / Pre Dental Entrance Examination 2012 – AIPMT 2012

5. Banaras Hindu University Medical Entrance Examination – BHU 2012

6. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore PGET 2012

7. Post Graduate Medical Admission in Gujarat University 2012

8. AU AIMEE 2012 – Annamalai University All India Medical Entrance Examinations

9. SRM Institute of Science and Technology Medical Entrance Exam 2012

10. Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical Entrance Exam 2012

11. National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (Deemed University) 2012 admission

12. DUMET 2012 – Delhi University Medical Dental Entrance Test

13. DUPGMET 2012 – Delhi University Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test

14. AIPGDET 2012 – All India Post Graduate Dental Entrance Test

15. HPMT 2012 – Haryana Pre Medical Test 2012

16. HP CPMT – Himachal Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Entrance Test 2012

17. AIPGMET 2012 – All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test 2012

18. Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Post Graduate Entrance Test – COMEDK PGET 2012

19. KEAM 2012 – Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Entrance Exam 2012

20. MGIMS 2012 – Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science

21. Dr.D.Y.Patil Institute All India Common Entrance Test 2012

22. DUSET – Delhi University Medical Entrance Exam

23. MPMT 2012 – Madhya Pradesh Pre Medical Test

24. PMET 2012 – Punjab Medical Entrance Test

25. RPMT 2012 – Rajasthan Pre-Medical Test

26. MAH CET 2012 – Maharashtra Common Entrance Test 2012

27. All India Pre Veterinary Test 2012 – AIPVT 2012

28. AIPGMEE 2012 – All India Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Exam

29. CETPPMC 2012 – Common Entrance Test for Pondicherry Private Medical Colleges

30. KLE University Under Graduate All India Entrance Test – KLE UGAIET 2012

31. Uttar Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test – UPCPMT 2012

32. KLE University Post Graduate All India Entrance Test KLE PGAIET – KLE PGAIET 2012

33. Uttaranchal Pre Medical Test 2012 – UPMT 2012

34. Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University Medical Common Entrance Test 2012

35. Mahatma Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Dental Sciences Entrance Exam 2012

36. UPPGMEE 2012 – Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination UPPGMEE

37. Armed Forces Medical College Entrance Exam – AFMC 2012

38. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research(PGIMER) Entrance Exam

MD PSYCHIATRY Post graduate degree

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The subject is dealing with the mental health problem diagnosis and
treatment. There very few seats in the country and country need lots
of psychiatrist. There is lot of work for the subject expert.
Government is also opening new mental hospitals and counseling centers
for community. In India the psychiatric illness is increasing trend.
The branch has lots of scope at international level also. Many
countries in world thy are accepting Indian psychiatrist directly in
their country as the subject has very less manpower.
So don’t to be shy in selecting the branch.

MD PHYSIOLOGY : Post graduate degree

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Physiology is the silent branch and considered dull teaching branch.
During first year MBBS, BHMS, Physiotherapy, Nursing and allied
branches need the subject expert as teacher. They are teaching the
functioning of the human body. If you understand the normal physiology
of the body than and than only one can understand the disease and
treatment aspect. So it is very important to learn the physiology.
New scopes of the physiologist also upcoming for various issues like
cardiac center, pulmonary function center, ergonomics and exercises

MD PHARMACOLOGY : post graduate degree

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Post graduate degree
The pharmacology is big way upcoming branch in the country. India is
going to be the hub for pharmaceutical industry for production and
research and development of new molecules. In this scenario country
need lot of skilled manpower in pharmacology. They require to do
research and clinical trials in community.
There are lots of colleges who are giving this degree and research
minded doctors should opt the field.

MD PATHOLOGY post graduate degree

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The branch deals with pathological aspects of the disease organ. They
are dealing with investigation and diagnosis part. The branch is also
dependent on the clinician practice. The clinicians who are referring
patients for diagnosis to the pathologist, which help in the treatment
of diseases. The investigations are like blood and body fluid
investigation, pathological aspects of body tissue and normal tissue.
The subject expert can start laboratory for diagnosis and pathological
investigation aspect.

MD PAEDIATRICS : post graduate degree

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The branch deals with the disease and problems of children and
adolescent. This is the demanding and evergreen branch. Lots of
students like to be pediatrician as less waiting period in field and
still lots of demand.

The new area in the branch is the adolescent clinic. India is the
youngest country in world. It will continue till next 10-15 years.
During this time lots of children become adolescent and young. They
are facing with lots of new types of issue and they are the clients of
your’s. So be innovative if you are selecting this branch.

md obstetrics & gynaecology

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The branch deals with the pregnancy and problems of women. The lady
doctor usually more fit in this job. The diagnosis of pregnancy to the
delivery of fetus and post delivery problems of female are mainly deal
with this branch.

This is evergreen branch for earning and satisfaction of service to
community. The branch has new avenues in term of infertility, invitro
fertilization, biological mother concept and new technology for
diagnosis and treatment.


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Microbiology is the subject which deals with the micro organism
diagnosis and drug sensitivity. They are growing micro-organism in
laboratory and diagnosing weather the organisms are sensitive to
antibiotics or not. They are also playing important role in finding
out new useful organism for mankind.
They deal with bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organisms. The
branch has demand not only medical science but also in industries like
pharmaceutical, agriculture and other.


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The branch deals with the medical aspect of crime, rape, death,
murder, suicide, homicide, injuries, postmortem, medico legal cases
and many more legal aspect. The branch is really demanding and
upcoming. In modern era, the crimes and related aspects are
increasing. In all these cases we need the opinion of the forensic

Also new upcoming field like, dactylographic, genetic identity, gene
therapy and many new avenues where there is need of such expert.

MD dermatology : PG dermatology

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The subject deals with the skin diseases and cosmetic aspect. The
typical dermatology person deals with skin disorder and nothing new.
But in modern era the scenario is changed. There are lots of scopes of
this non-emergency branch. The upcoming cosmetic industry is demanding
lost of MD dermatology people. They care for the modern look of not
only film industry people but community at large. There are lots of
people who are demanding hair implant, good facial look with LASER
surgery and many more.
Here you are learning leprosy and sexually transmitted diseases
diagnosis and treatment.
Also the skin diseases are increasing in community in last decade. So
don’t to be hesitate to select this branch.


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The community Medicine is the real big way upcoming branch. The branch
has lots of challenges and scope in coming future. The subject
community medicine is the bridge between medical science and
community. The expert of community medicine is taking care of the
health of community.
The subject gives the expertise in various aspect like epidemiology,
nutrition, occupational health, national health programme
implementation and evaluation, sociology, disaster management,
management and administration principles and many more things.
The scope of MD community medicine person – can work as family
physician, epidemiologist in government or big hospitals, Research
scholar, clinical trial expert, occupational physician, manager of
health programme at various level, health administrator in government,
non-governmental organization and private companies.


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The branch is deal with bio-chemical aspects of the blood and body
fluid investigation. The new upcoming branch for the medical science,
It has demand in medical education and investigation side.
The industries, which dealing with various bio-chemical reagents
production, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory and other chemical
industry need the MD Biochemistry people. There are many challenges in
the branch.


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This is the branch attach with surgical branch. It is closely depend
on surgery. The need of anesthesia is in all surgical cases. All major
surgeries need the anesthetist. This is the first impression. But now
the scenario is changing very fast. The MD anesthesia people are doing
more than just anesthesia. They are handling Intensive Care Unit
(ICU), Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU), Pain clinic, Sleep clinic,
Hypnotherapy and lot more. So while selecting this branch don’t be
limited to the typical dependent branch. Think beyond to the
traditional practice.

There lots of reputed center in country who are teaching the new
development in the subject. So if you feel something great innovative
do select the branch without hesitation.

MD General Medicine

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Medicine is the key branch and ever green branch for the Medical
Science. Become physician is the choice of majority of medical
graduates. They can run their practice in community and work on
various disease diagnosis and treatment. They can do able to provide
secondary level and tertiary level care to all diseases. They even
able to handle cases like myocardial infarct to complicated malaria.
They can also work as family physician at various places.

The disease diagnosis and treatment are the two main areas of
physician work. In era of disease like Dengue, Swine flu, SARS the
role of physician is really challenging and serving to community.

PG in Radiology : courses in radiology

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Radiology and Radio Diagnosis is the really most demanding branch in
the postgraduate medical studies. The reasons for attraction to the
branch are many as it has sophistication, charming, most earning and
last but most important most challenging. In present days lots of
surgical procedures are conducted under X-ray guided or CT scan guided
or MRI guided. In this scenario the skilled Radiologists are very
important. Such newer procedures are minimal invasive and require less
hospitalization. Even insurance companies are accepting such
procedures for claims. What is the most important for doctor? That is
the most earning branch though lot of investment required to start
with Radiology Clinic.
There are only around 500 seats for MD Radiology in India. Because of
these the branch is most demanding at any counseling for PG medical

In this subject the students are getting mastery over reading X-ray
print for diagnosis, Use of Ultrasonography for various investigation
in soft tissue, use of CT scan for various diagnosis process, use of
MRI for various diagnosis and lastly many procedures which are new and
supporting to Medicine and surgical branches. Lot of work is for MD R
& D person.

List of Medical Colleges who are teaching MD Radiology and Diagnosis
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