PG in Radiology : courses in radiology

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Radiology and Radio Diagnosis is the really most demanding branch in
the postgraduate medical studies. The reasons for attraction to the
branch are many as it has sophistication, charming, most earning and
last but most important most challenging. In present days lots of
surgical procedures are conducted under X-ray guided or CT scan guided
or MRI guided. In this scenario the skilled Radiologists are very
important. Such newer procedures are minimal invasive and require less
hospitalization. Even insurance companies are accepting such
procedures for claims. What is the most important for doctor? That is
the most earning branch though lot of investment required to start
with Radiology Clinic.
There are only around 500 seats for MD Radiology in India. Because of
these the branch is most demanding at any counseling for PG medical

In this subject the students are getting mastery over reading X-ray
print for diagnosis, Use of Ultrasonography for various investigation
in soft tissue, use of CT scan for various diagnosis process, use of
MRI for various diagnosis and lastly many procedures which are new and
supporting to Medicine and surgical branches. Lot of work is for MD R
& D person.

List of Medical Colleges who are teaching MD Radiology and Diagnosis
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