Ready to serve rural community before getting MBBS degree in India

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Ready to serve rural community before getting MBBS degree
As reported by Tribune India on 4th Feb, Government is in process of increasing internship by one year to all medical graduates before getting degree. Thus there will be two years of internship before getting MBBS degree. The second year compulsory internship will be in rural clinics or PHC. It was reported by the newspaper that if Government notify the new rule, it means that annually 40,000 students who are passing out of medical collages will get medical degree only after they serve the rural community. The Government wants to link this additional one year with National Rural Health Mission. There is a sever shortage of doctors at PHC and that is why the government has decided to take this step.
In addition, there is also a proposal to make mandatory one year posting of all MD/MS doctors of clinical specialties like pediatric, medicine etc at District hospital to cover shortage of clinical staff.
At this juncture, there were no comments for officials of MCI. The Tribune has tried to contact Dr. K K Talwar, Chairman MCI, he told that he would talk about the issue after a week. We can hope that within a week there will be some clear strategy on issue. As we all know that in 2009, Former Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has also tried same but it was not implemented till date.
The issue which need to keep in mind while framing such policy are
1. With increase one year internship, the total duration of course will be 6.5 years instead 5.5 years. How do Government implement? Will it be effective to all current students or new comers?
2. Almost half of medical colleges in country are private medical colleges and they have NRI seats. They are taking handsome fees for NRI fees. Will it be applicable to NRI also? They are not going to serve country. Will they get exemption to this additional one year?
3. If theoretically we assume that it will be applicable from 2012. That means that all students who are getting pass in 2012 and starting internship will have to do two years of internship. So they will be eligible for PG exam in 2014. What will happen to 2013 admission? Will it be zero batch?
4. One very good thing is that the MCI will get one more year time to make National Eligibility and Exit Exam Test (NEEET).
5. Second positive point is that Rural Community will get the doctors in full strength and we can hope to reduction in mortality and morbidity indicators.

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