Take wellness test for you

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Take wellness test for you here
1. Is any one in family suffering from any disease? Yes / No
2. Is any one in family on any kind of regular medicine or drug? Yes / No
3. Would you like to be healthy, young and energetic? Yes / No
4. Are you serious in taking out time to keep yourself mentally and physically fit?
Yes / No
5. Are you aware of four fundamentals of staying healthy?
Yes / No
6. Do you eat balance diet as per your body need?
Yes / No
7. Do you do yoga – Pranayam daily?
Yes / No
8. Do you do exercises daily?
Yes / No
9. Do you take walk atlest 1-2 KM per day
Yes / No
10. Do you smoke/ chew tobacco / drink alcohol?
Yes / No
11. Going to polluted area is not good for health as pollution causing harm to human body. Do you visit / live in such area?
Yes / No
12. The food you eat is that according to your requirement or according to your taste, even if those are not good for your health.
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