NRI MBBS admission India 2015

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NRI MBBS admission India - FAQs
Since implementation of our service, we have received lots of queries regarding NRI admission in India. So this year we have decided to put some FAQs on NRI admission in India. Hope this is helpful to the students or parents who want admission under NRI quota in India. Please do ask any more queries. We are consultuents to help in confusion, as Indian medical admission is really great confusion.
1.       How did NRI category come in picture in medical admission in India?

Since 2000, government of India has taken decision to privatize the higher education. With this policy, they have privatized the medical education. In 2000, there were around 150 medical colleges and by 2012, India has more than 300 medical colleges. In 2000 very few were the private or trust run medical colleges. Majority were in government hands. But with this privatization policy lots of new players came in picture and started medical colleges in india. But the self sustained medical colleges are very costly to run. So the fess for admission was very high. So there was dissatisfaction form public and if fess will controlled the dissatisfaction form management. In this scenario they have decided middle way, in which the government has given 25% of seats to college management, of which 15% seats for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or foreigner students and 10% for management quota. Remaining 75% will be filled by local or central government as per state or national competition. Thus NRI admission quota came in picture.
2.       What is NRI category admission in India?
As per Medical Council of India (MCI), the NRI category is exclusively for private medical colleges who are not taking any grant from government. They are not in any government run medical colleges. NRI means the non-resident Indian who have not done 12th or 10+2 from India. He may be Indian origin or may not be Indian origin. So any foreign student wants to study in India can get admission under this category.
3.      What is the fess under NRI category?
The fess under this category will be decided by local state government fess committee or central government fess committee. This is very depending upon the college to college. But grossly they are between 1 lack US dollar to 1.5 lack US dollar for full course.
4.       What are the admission criteria for NRI medical admission?
Usually the admissions under this category are based on merit of 12th exam or 10+2 exam of respective country. The student must have biology main subject for 12th or 10+2 exam. They have to get accreditation form National Board New Delhi. This is first preference in this category. But any Indian student wants to study, they can apply for NRI-sponsor category. This NRI-S category is also coming under this admission. But the colleges are usually making two merit list, first is for exclusive NRI or foreigner students list and second is for NRI sponsor students. NRI-S means the students who have any relative out side India and wants to sponsor his/her studies.
 At present there is no entrance test for this category, as colleges getting few applications. But reputed colleges are getting very large number of application even at higher fees.

5.       As my ward is doing 12th outside India and studying CBSC, can he/she get admission under domestic quota?
As per UGC guidelines, a candidate who has studied the qualifying examinations (11th and 12th) outside of India (even if affiliated to CBSE) must apply under NRI category only and NOT under any domestic category. But if the candidate has studied the qualifying examinations (11th and 12th ) within India ( even if affiliated to foreign educational boards) can apply either under domestic category or under NRI sponsored category. They can apply only under any one category and not under both categories.
6.       As NRI, can my ward take entrance exam in India?
No, Only students form India and studied 11th and 12th in India can appear for local entrance.

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What happens during counselling?

During counseling, the college verify the documents and check the willingness to join course. This is simple counseling. No need to worry.

my ward is in 12 th i want to plan nri admission is there any prerequisites for nri s quata,any new guideline for 2013 batch


Dear Mr Rajesh,
thanks for comment. There is no new guidelines for 2013 for NRI. Almost same as last year. Everybody is waiting for NEET guidelines so this year there will be no major changes for NRI admission.

NRI students can take Entrance test. Its really tricky question. If you are studying in CBSC of Indian curriculum schools at international level, than you can go for NEET. But otherwise no is the answer.

My ward passed the 12th grade examination from USA, do he have to appear for any entrance examination for the admission in NRI seat ?

Any body can answer to my question ?
My ward passed the 12th grade examination from USA, do he have to appear for any entrance examination for the admission in NRI seat ?

My ward studied for 11th & 12th under CBSE scheme in India. if he is having a sponsor , a close relative abroad, can he apply for NRI-sponsored as well as domestic category?

Sir can u plz tell what are the requirements for nri quota .. either the student must have studied 12th from outside india or more than 2 years he should have studied outside india or parents should be living outside india ??
Do the govt colleges also have the nri quota ?? If yes plz tell me the list of colleges ...

I heard that from 2013 NRI-S category will not continue is that true....???

And is that compulsory that student and person who is sponsoring must have blood relation. ..???

Is there any equivalent certificate is required for NRI student? How NRI student can apply for MBBS NRI seat for year 2013, as student has to wait for 12th grade result until 30th june 2013 and application/admission procedure will be start by 1st week of June 2013.

I am interested in getting a seat under NRI conditions. Please mail me soon about the futher conditions and the requirements at

If some NRI sponsors an indian student can the student get admission under NRI quota ?

What is the critieria for 2014, NRI MBBS Seats.
I am an NRI, my daughter is currently doing 12 class in India. She was abroad for 5 years earlier, std 4 to std 9.

MY daughter is a Sri lankan and also obtained the Overseas Citizen of India. She is presently studying in 12th standard in Chennai in the State Board. How can she apply for medical colleges in India and especially in Tamil Nadu. Please advise.

My son born in US and holding US Passport and having PIO. He schooling is in Chennai, India from UKG. He is now going to 12th CBSE. What category he needs to apply for MBBS? Is it OC or NRI quota? If NRI quota can he study at Govt. Medical Colleages?

I am NRI (Indian Origin) and my daughter is born in India and studied in india will she come into pure NRI catogory of NRI S

my daughter studied in abroad upto 10th and now she is studying in India (madhya padesh.) will she consider as local student (of madhya pradesh)or outsider of madhya pradesh?,please which state she can get maximum quota(general category)

Hello sir , Greetings , I have a question Regarding my uncle s daughter , they are Indian residing in Ukraine and they are Ukrainian citizen now , as for now they are planning to shift back to India , I want to ask what criteria is applicable for their daughter as there in Ukraine they only have upto 11th grade ,there is no 12th grade in Ukrainian system ... Your reply will be really helpful sir. .. Have a great day ,Regards

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