Jobs for medical teachers in medical colleges of India

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In last one decade the number of medical colleges are more than double. this is not the end. the growth rate of medical college is still going to high. As the data says that India has sever deficiency of medical doctors. if we continue to produce at present rate, we will achieve the WHO target of 1 doctor per 10000 population by 2045. so government of India and Medical Council of India has decided to increase the colleges and the seats in country. Ladt year only GOI has permitted 13 new medical colleges in country. These year this figure may go up. 
This growing demand for medical professionals and increase in the number of medical colleges has generated the demand for medical faculty teachers all over India. The medical colleges is unique in terms of right kind of professional qualifications and the right experience. The MCI is demanding special category of academic and research experience.
Most of India's medical colleges are attached with specialty and super specialty hospitals. These medical college hospitals are giving medical treatment for thousands of patients every day. Thus Indian medical students get good exposure to the actual healthcare needs of Indian population.
There is great demand for medical faculty teachers in all medical colleges of India and Medicine Departments of most universities.

Looking to this scenario the Info MBBS team has started new service for medical teachers for job portal. Those medical teachers want make better career opportunity with good medical college can join with us. We are going to provide various good options for quality teachers. Those who want to avail our services can drop their CV with cover letter and expected salary to

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this is really a good initiative. i liked the adjectives 'good' for medical colleges and 'quality' for teachers. there are many private colleges, but good ones are few. also, there are many teachers, but quality teachers are few.

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