New curriculum for MBBS students - Public opinion

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Dear Parents and Medical Students
As social service the Info MBBS team is today taking very important initiative. Lat week Medical Council of India has kept Graduate Medical Education Rule 2012 on its web site for public opinion. This is very good and important step for the up coming medical education. We are requesting all the visitors to visit the MCI site and download the document read and comment.
The salient features are as follow -
1. The Foundation course will be introduce. This is two month course for the newly enter student in 1st MBBS. the course is mainly focus on the orientation to medical science and professional development. First two weeks are exclusive the orientation, skill development, community exposure and clinical exposure. Also there will be teaching of English and computer skills. After two week the teaching of basic science will start.
2. Professional development and teaching of Ethics - This is also welcome step.
3. The subject Forensic science and Toxicology will teach for two years.
4. The second year will be of one year.
5. The third year part one and part two will be of 13 months each. In between there is elective for two months. The elective means the research project or community exposure. This is major weakness in the innovation. It was also clearly mentioned that elective should be done in India only. The subjects for elective need to expand. This is request to all medical fraternity people to give input here.
6. NEET will be every year in last week of Feb and before internship, This is very good move.

Such it is great to read.
Read it at this link

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