cost of Medical education and low budget medical education in India

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We are receiving lots of questions regarding cost of Medical education and low budget medical education in India, here we are trying to post a comprehensive report on cost of medical education in India. Please do write your comments.  

Cost of Medical admission / Low Budget Medical colleges in India
Here we are trying to explain the cost aspect of medical education in India and low budge medical admission in India and world.
Low cost Medical Education in India
Low cost Medical Education overseas

Total cost of getting MBBS degree or medical education in your Fees + Hostel + Food + Travel + Books and Pocket money etc.

Usually Hostel + Food + travel + books etc will cost you about Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000 per year – so over 5 ½ years this would work out to Rs. 3 to 4 lacs over the duration of the course.

Coming to fees of MBBS course-

1. In India, Government Medical Colleges / Universities have low cost in terms of low budget of Medical Education. All Indians can apply for admission to government medical colleges owned by the Center or funded by the Center like BHU, AMU, Jipmer, AIIMS, AFMC, CMC etc. Apart from this all states have 15% seats in the State owned Colleges reserved for the CBSE Pre Medical Test clearing students – which is about 2000 seats. So if you are meritorious student and have capacity to clear such entrance go for and get admission at lowest budget. In such colleges fees are ranging from nil to maximum 75,000 per year.

2. State Govt. Medical Colleges: They are also Low cost. But you have to be a domicile of that state & sit for state PMT exam for admission to these colleges.
All Govt. Colleges in India charge fees ranging between Rs. 10,000 p.a. to Rs. 75,000 p.a. so your cost of education is really low – as this is subsidized by the Government or rather by our Tax money.

In above types of medical colleges, there are about 15,000 seats on offer per annum and there are 3-400,000 applications. Also there are reservation quotas in this category. So you have to study very hard to get one of these seats.

3. Private Medical Colleges / Universities / Deemed Universities – Seats on Merit: Private Colleges are offering their merit seats via an Examination such as Comed Karnataka, Manipal Exam, Sikkim Manipal Exam, DY Patil exam, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth etc.
Each State many have one or more Associations of Private medical and dental colleges who will conduct an exam and admit students on the basis of merit in the exam. Deemed Universities and Private Universities will conduct their own examination. So there is a multiplicity of exams for admission to private colleges in India.

Fees range from Rs. 3 to 4 lacs a year or Rs. 18 to 22 lacs over the duration of the course. This is the figure of current year 2012. The cost of medical education is raised this year almost double. Even after increasing 20 new medical colleges the students are not getting admission at lower cost in good medical colleges.
Add Rs 4 lacs for books / hostel / food etc.

So your cost of education will be Rs. 40 to 50 lacs over 5 ½ years if you get into a Private College on MERIT.

4. NRI Seats / Management quota Seats: These costs about double the merit seats. In addition to the fees the college wants an additional up front payment of Rs. 10 to 20 lacs depending on the College’s location and reputation.

The management quota fee is ranging between Rs. 35 to 45 lacs for the course. The range is depend on the type and location of college. You may get low budget management quota seats in newly establish medical college but the risk is that such colleges may shut down if management is poor. So this point you need to keep in mind.
The NRI quota is also ranging from 35000 us dollar to 75000 US dollar depending on type and location of college. The good colleges in country have waiting for NRI seats. There are many NRI students are coming to India for MBBS admission as internationally medical education in India is low budget with good quality education.

Your cost of life and food etc is extra. So only the rich can afford these seats.

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