software on nutrition for health consious people and doctors

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Our one of client has made the Nutrition Software for calculation of your nutrition. In today's fast moving world we are not sure that we are eating balance diet or not? Are we getting all nutrition adequately or not? If i have diabetes what should i eat? If i have hypertension, than what should be my diet? I am of 70 years what should be my diet? most important question is the i am overweight and want to lose my weight, what should be my diet plan? How to calculate my calories and nutrients?
For this we are searching lots of softwares and programmes on net. But many are giving wrong information and confusing. Here with our Indian Doctor who worked long in nutrition has prepared the nice software for use.
The unique features are

  1. Nutritive value of more than 600 food items.
  2. List of  food item in decreasing or increasing order of more than 20 nutrients.
  3. Daily nutrient requirements for different age groups , sex wise and for pregnancy & lactation.
  4. Calculation of nutrients intake based on food intake of 24 hrs. It can also give average for week, month etc.
  5. Flexible in defining units of your choice & you can prepare your own recipes & store it. Nutritive values will be calculated automatically.
  6. Weekly menu for normal person , Diabetes , hypertension, Obesity & CHD are ready for print.
  7. Details of many nutrients are inbuilt.
  8. Power point slide shows are available free on request in Gujarati language for patient education. ( Posters on nutrition, recipes in Gujarati , slogans & principles of better nutrition etc.) English version is also available.
  9. You can browse contents of more than 100 items.
  10. Most of the output screens & reports can be stored or print outs can be taken.
As the programmer is Gujarati, it is promarily in Gujarati but on order other languages can be available. English is primary language of software.

The price of the software is 8000 INR only.
Special Lunching offers for first buyers - One software is free on buy of one till 31st Aug 2012.
The company wants to establish network of the sellers at districtwise in whole country and even outside country. If you want to buy or become seller do mail us for more inquiry with following details

Mobile number
District which you want to work
Reply by mail

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