First Global Female Condom Day 12-9-2012

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Global Female Condom Day is started with aims to increase the number of women, men, transpeople, and youth who know about, use, and advocate for female condoms.

HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and justice, women’s health, youth, and gay men’s health organizations and advocates from around the world are joining together September 12, 2012 for the first-ever Global Female Condom Day. Participating individuals and organizations will take action in their communities to increase awareness, access, and use of female condoms.

Why Global Female Condom Day is Important to observe?

Female condoms have the potential to revolutionize safer sex for diverse populations around the world. Despite the name, female condoms offer receptive partners of any gender the ability to reduce HIV and STI transmission. They are also the only woman-initiated method available today that offers dual protection from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. However the most people are unaware or unable to access female condoms. A coordinated international day of action will help demonstrate demand and raise the visibility of FCs among communities, the media, and policy makers.

Connect with Female Condom Advocates in YOUR Community
Female condom fever is spreading across the globe. If you are in the U.S., go to to connect with female condom campaigns and programs. Sign up to receive emails and updates from the National Female Condom Coalition.

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