Misleading advertise may fine upto 1 lakh to Indian Doctor

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New Delhi: Doctors cannot advertise anything that would mislead a person
into going for a treatment based merely on the doctor's claim that
he/she would be cured completely, according to a judgement passed by
theNational Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC)

The commission was hearing a case where Dr Dinesh Sharma of Amritsar Eye
Clinic, Dehradun had advertised that his laser surgery could correct
visual acuity and therefore one could get rid of spectacles. The
complainant, Ajay Gautam, a mechanical engineer who wanted to join the
Indian Air Force, underwent the laser surgery and his vision

Upholding a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the doctor, the commission, presided by
Justice R C Jain and member Anupam Dasgupta, found the doctor and the
hospital where the surgery was done "guilty of adopting unfair trade
practice", and violating the MCI code of ethics by publishing
"misleading advertisement".

The Medical Council of India (MCI) regulation debars any doctor from
publishing any advertising that would invite attention to him or to his
professional position, skill, qualification, achievements, attainments,
specialities, appointments, associations, affiliations or honours.
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