NEET PG 2013 - Dates of examination announced

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Government of India  established the  National Board of Examinations (NBE)  in 1975  with the  objective  of  improving  the  quality  of  the  Medical Education by establishing  high  and  uniform  standards  of  postgraduate  examinations  in modern  medicine  on  All  India  Basis  and  utilizing  existing  healthcare
infrastructure  for  capacity  building.

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NEET-PG  is  the  eligibility-cum-ranking  examination  prescribed  as  the  single entrance  examination  to  various  MD/MS  and  PG  Diploma  Courses  under  ambit of Post Graduate Medical Regulations notified by Medical Council of India  with approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Qualifying NEET-PG is mandatory  for  gaining  entry  to  MD/MS/PG  Diploma  Courses  under  various universities/Institutions  in  the  country .

Vide  amendments  in  the  Post  Graduate  Medical  Education  Regulations (PGMER)  issued  by  Medical  Council  of  India  with  prior  approval  of  Government of  India  it  has  been  prescribed  that:

I. There shall be a single eligibility cum entrance examination namely ‘National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to Postgraduate Medical Courses’ in  each  academic  year .
II. 3%  seats  of  the  annual  sanctioned  intake  capacity  shall  be  filled  up  by candidates  with locomotory  disability  of  lower  limbs  between  50%  to  70%. Provided that in case any seat in this 3% quota remains unfilled on account of unavailability of candidates with locomotory  disability of lower  limbs  between 50% to 70% then any such unfilled seat in  this 3% quota shall be filled up by persons with locomotory  disability of  lower  limbs  between 40% to  50% -  before they  are  included  in  the  annual  sanctioned  seats  for  General  Category candidates. Provided further that this entire exercise shall be completed by each medical college  /institution  as  per  the  statutory  time  schedule  for  admissions.
III. In order to be eligible for admission to any postgraduate course in a particular academic  year ,  it  shall  be  necessary  for  a  candidate  to  obtain  minimum  of marks  at  50th  percentile  in  ‘National  Eligibility-cum-Entrance  T est  for Postgraduate courses’  held  for  the  said  academic  year .    However,  in  respect  of candidates  belonging  to  Scheduled  Castes,  Scheduled  Tribes,  Other Backward Classes, the  minimum marks shall be at 40th percentile.    In  respect of  candidates  as  provided  in  clause  9(II)  with  locomotory  disability  of  lower limbs, the minimum marks shall be at 45th percentile.
IV - Provided  that  in  determining  the  merit  of  candidates  who  are  in  service  of Government/public  authority ,  weightage  in  the  marks  may  be  given  by  the Government  /Competent  Authority  as  an  incentive  at  the  rate  of  10%  of  the marks  obtained  for  each  year  of  service  in  remote  and  /or  difficult  areas  upto  the maximum of  30%  of  the  marks obtained  in  National  Eligibility-cum-Entrance
T est,  the  remote  and  difficult  areas  shall  be  as  defined  by  State Government/Competent  authority  from  time  to  time.
V No  candidate  who  has  failed  to  obtain  the  minimum  eligibility  marks  as prescribed  in  regulations,  shall  be  admitted  to  any  Postgraduate courses  in  the said  academic  year
VI. In non-Governmental medical colleges/institutions, 50% (Fifty Percent) of the total  seats  shall  be  filled  by  State Government or  the Authority  appointed  by them, and the remaining 50% (Fifty Percent) of the seats shall be filled by the concerned medical colleges/institutions on the basis of the merit list prepared
as  per  the  marks  obtained  in  National  Eligibility-cum-Entrance  Test.

Beware - Applicant may kindly note that appearance in NEET-PG does not confer any automatic rights  to  score  a Post graduate MD/MS/Post Diploma seat. The  selection  and  admission  to  Postgraduate  seats  in  any  medical institutions  recognized  for  running  MD/MS/Post  Graduate  Diploma courses as per Indian Medical Council  Act, 1956 is  subject to fulfilling the admission criteria, eligibility , medical fitness and such criteria as may be prescribed  by  the  respective  universities,  medical  institutions,  Medical
Council  of  India,  State/Central  Government.

1. Notice  for  National Eligibility-cum-Entrance T est

2. Availability  of  Information Bulletin-cum-Examination  : 4   October-10   November  2012

Fee  Voucher  at  designated branches  of  Axis  Bank available

3. Online  Registration  and  Scheduling for  NEET-PG  : 4   October-12   November  2012

4.  Examination  Dates  of  NEET-PG : 23   November  -  6 December  2012

5. Declaration  of  Results  : By  31   January  2013

Online  applications  can  be  accessed  and  completed  till  23:59  hrs  on 12   November  2012.

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1. Candidates are advised to refer to NEET-PG website, Information Bulletin and website of Medical Counseling Committee for authentic information and periodic updates about the NEET-PG and conduct of counseling thereafter.
2. Candidates are advised not to be allured by various claims of any party or person or institute for qualifying NEET-PG examination or securing seat as per the regulations.
Candidates are advised to bring any such information to the notice of NBE by e-mail: or fax 011-45593009.

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