More than 10,000 indian doctors are unemployed or noteligible for practice

{ Posted on 2:40 AM by V.C.Dave }
TOI has repored that close to 10,000 Indians across the country who have completed their undergraduate medical education abroad are unemployed or under-employed.
These are those doctors who have finished their MBBS outside india. the reason for their unemployment is  because they have not been able to clear the screening test mandated by the Medical Council of India (MCI). it was also reported that the graduates plan to approach Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Parliament demanding that the test be scrapped.
The foreign medical graduates and their parents held a meeting in Chennai on Sunday. Dr Ameer Jahan, chief patron of All India Foreign Medical Graduates' Association, said each student had spent Rs 15 to 20 lakh to study abroad. "They spend half of what it would cost at a private college here. Their course is nearly seven years long compared to the five-and-half-year medical course here. Every time they fail the screening test, they get delayed by six months and get depressed," he said.
This was expecting since long. The reason is that the parents and students are getting admission at cheaper rate and without collecting adequate information. the agents of these medical colleges are doing great marketing in India. The end result is the dissatisfaction and turbulence like this.
This is big warning signal to all parents and students who want to peruse admission in outside India.

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