NEET PG update 2013

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Dear Readers of Info MBBS Web
Today is the first week of march and still all postgraduate admission in medical college students are under confusion. The Supreme Court is doing very fast hearing of the case. Today also hearing is going on. Yesterday also there was hearing on the case for more than four to five hours.
But the salient points which are coming out of all discussion are as below -
All the bodies who are opposing the NEET are trying to say that the MCI has no right for taking such entrance examination. The NEET is unreasonable and arbitrary.
The linguistic minority lawyer Mr. K K Venugopal has put very strong point for their clients and Karnataka medical colleges.
Thus still there is no final conclusion on the NEET examination.
On other side all colleges are taking entrance examinations. So it is suggested to students please appear for the PG entrance test of your choice colleges. The prediction of Info MBBS Team is that the finally the NEET will be scraped out for atlest this year. So this year admission will be based on individual college or university or group admission.

This same will be happened for the NEET-UG medical admission. So all the parents who are interested un MBBS admission based on entrance please apply for your choice medical college admission process as per last year. Otherwise you may lose your choice. This is our guess. So dont waste time.

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