TATA-CAM Scholarship Scheme for MBBS (2014 - 2015) for PS Medical College Karamsad

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TATA-CAM Scholarship Scheme for MBBS (2014 - 2015)

1. A Student who has secured admission through central admission process at Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad
2. The student’s family should not own movable and immovable property valuing more than Rs. 25 lakhs (Market value)
3. The candidate should not be getting any scholarship or assistance, from any other source.
Category & Conditions:
Particulars                                 A                                                 B
No. of Scholarships                5 (Five)                                           10 (Ten)
Annual Family Income Limit   Rs. 3.6 lakhs                                    Rs. 6.0 lakhs
Scholarship amount                75 % of Tuition Fee                         50 % of Tuition Fee
Service Bond                          3 (Three) years                              2 (Two) years
Other Conditions:
1. The candidate will have to pay the first term tuition fee as per the rules of central admission committee and secure the admission.
2. The candidates will have to pay the differential fee at the beginning of the term on the dates notified from time to time.
3. The hostel fee and other fee payable to the University will have to be paid by the students.
4. Applying for scholarship does not guarantee the scholarship; the decision of the Scholarship selection committee of the
CAM will be final in granting the scholarship, after verification of the documents and facts.*
5. The Charutar Arogya Mandal or The Admission Committee for Professional Medical Educational Courses does not
guarantee scholarship.
6. If the student is not selected for scholarship, the candidate is liable to pay the fees due, and should therefore take admission
only if s/he has alternate means of paying the fee. Non-award of the scholarship will not become a ground for non-payment
of fees.
7. If the number of candidates applying for the scheme is more than the number specified for each category, scholarship will
be given as per merit.
8. The decision of the Scholarship selection committee of the CAM will be final and binding.
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