NRI MBBS admission 2015 - is under confusion

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NRI MBBS admission is under confusion for 2015 admission
On 16th January 2015, Medical Council India has released one circular to all respective authority with indication that all respective authorities need to conduct entrance test for admitting NRI students for NRI seats admission. This circular has created major confusion to all the students who are coming to get admission in India.
Till date, all NRI sets filled with simple merit base with two category pure NRI or foreign student category and second is sponsored NRI student seat. The procedure was simple and easy to get admission. But the new circular has created major confusion among parents who wanted to get admission in NRI seats and also among college management.  This circular is not applicable to government medical colleges as they do not admit NRI students except Madhya Pradesh state government.
There are many college managements who did not aware about this circular. Those who aware, do not clear about how to conduct entrance test for NRI students.
There are few advantages to NRI students even out of this concept of entrance test. As previously students need to apply with multiple application to different colleges and look for preference. After entrance there will be common merit list for one state and depending on merit student will get admission. Easy one window system of admission will be good for all. Automatically students will able to know that best college in state. All colleges will try to improve their quality of education and facilities on campus.
There are few initial teething problems like who will conduct the test; what will be the process of conducting test as majority of students are living all over world; will it be physical test or online test and who will be authority for test. These are few problems for this year only. Soon all colleges and authorities will find out solution. It was also heard that few authorities filed case in high court and Supreme Court for not to implement this process from this year.

Times of India on March 12, 2015 reported that Pointing out challenges in conducting special entrance tests, Manipal University (MU) registrar GK Prabhu said, "The main issue is how do we set the test for foreign students. Is it online or offline because they cannot personally come down to write entrance tests?" 

Manipal University plans to petitition the MCI about these challenges, Prabhu said. MU receives around 350 applications from NRIs every year and admits 75 of them to MBBS. 
Till now, deemed universities have been admitting NRI students to MBBS based on the marks obtained in their class 12 or other qualifying exams. Dr Basavana Gowdappa H, principal of JSS Medical College, Mysuru, said, "We are stranded and there is no clarity in MCI's directive. When deemed universities and private colleges have been providing MBBS seats to NRI students on merit basis all along, why do we need an entrance test for them now?" 

JSS University is writing to both MCI and the state government seeking clarity on the process for admitting NRI students to MBBS. 

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Tru anyway nri have to pay huge amount of fee then still y like this rule
Anyway those who want to study or who have the will to study will be a good doctr whether he is nri or not
Today because of 100s of entrance exam we dont know wat to do ..paying DDs to many colleges also may be lakhs are writing the common entrance for limited seats
So wat we parents do we take huge loan for our kids future
All this problems the money makers dont understand
Also today for an mbbs degree the value for the 12th exams are vanishing everything is based on entranc which is very difficult for all to reach the level

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