Admission for UG courses MBBS in ESIC medical colleges for academic year 2017-18

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ESIC (Employee's state insurance corporation) is running four colleges in India. They are as below

i.  ESIC Medical College, Rajajinagar, Bangalore (Karnataka) from academic session 2012-13.

ii. ESIC Medical College, Gulbarga, Karnataka from academic session 2013-14.

iii. ESIC Medical College, K.K. Nagar, Chennai (Tamil Nadu) from academic session 2013-14.

iv. ESIC Medical College, Joka, Kolkata (West Bengal) from academic session 2013-14.

vi. ESIC Medical College, Faridabad (Haryana)

vii. ESIC Medical College, Mandi (HP)

    Admissions to the above ESIC Medical Colleges are  done as per following policy/quotas:

1.     All India Quota – 15% seats- To be filled as per the policy NEET score.

2.     State Government Quota – Percentage of seats   as per policy of NEET score of state

3.     ESIC Management Quota – Balance seats after (1) & (2) above, for ‘Wards of Insured Persons (IPs)’ on All India basis to be filled through NEET merit basis.

   Insured person for the purpose of  availing benefit of  Insured Persons (IPs) Quota (erstwhile ESIC Management Quota) for his / her wards shall be, as under “ The ‘Insured Person’ shall be an ‘employee’ as defined in the ESI Act; and he/she should have been in continuous insurable employment for a minimum period of five years as on 1 st January of the year of admission and should have paid at least 78 days of contribution in each Contribution Period, during this five year period. The 5 year period would be counted from the date of entry into the ESI Scheme. For employees who entered the Scheme prior to 9 th June, 2011, the date of entry into the Schem e for the purpose of availing benefit of Insured Persons (IPs) Quota for his/her wards would be the date of submission of

  ‘Declaration Form’ by the employer in respect of the employee concerned at the Branch Office or another appropriate office of the E S I C. For employees who entered the Scheme after 9 th June, 2011, the date of entry into the Scheme for the above purpose would be the date of registration available in the IP database of the ESIC. In case there is default or delay on the part of the employer i n getting itself or the concerned employee covered under the Scheme, the ESIC will not be responsible for the said default or delay. Any period prior to the date of entry described above would not be counted to wards the 05 year period of eligibility for the purpose of availing benefit of Insured Persons (IPs) Quota .”